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Invoice Address


FEPE Member (manufacturer or supplier)
           €500 before 25/5 and €875 after 25/5
Manufacturer non-member
           €1,000 before 25/5 and €1,250 after 25/5

         €250 before 25/5 and €450 after 25/5
  I    /   My   Partner will attend:
  Welcome Dinner (5/10)
  Gala Dinner (6/10)
  Farewell Evening (7/10)
  I    /   My    Partner will participate in:
              Partner Programme (6/10 morning)
  City Tour (6/10 afternoon)
  Boat Tour with lunch (7/10 afternoon)


Invoices will be sent in July to your above mentioned invoice address. Please do not pay before receiving the invoice.

A refund will be granted for cancellations made before 15/09/17 (minus €100 admin fee). After 15/09/17 no refunds can be made.



 For any queries or remarks regarding your registration please contact the FEPE secretariat: info@fepe.org;  + 32 2 779 4001


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