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European Federation of Envelope Manufacturers AISBL


Welcome to FEPE, the European Federation of Envelope Manufacturers (Fédération Européenne des Producteurs d'Enveloppes AISBL). 
FEPE is an international association representing more than 100 companies who are directly or indirectly involved in the paper envelope manufacturing sector in Europe. These comprise envelope manufacturing companies and suppliers.

Most members are located in Europe, however, FEPE has a number of international members that have an interest in the European envelope manufacturing sector
(for the list of members please click here).

 FEPE was established in 1957 with the aim to support the industry and its members. In 2007, it moved its office from Zurich to Brussels in order to more actively promote the industry in Europe.

 FEPE is governed by a Board of directors who are nominated by the General Assembly (click here to download the list of current Board members). The Board is responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of the Association’s business plan. Each year, at the General Assembly, members approve the functioning of the Board over the last year and review the proposed activities for the year to come.





"That's me - the envelope"  video


 We have produced a short video promoting the envelope as a personal, safe and impactful communications channel. 


Feel free to share this video with customers, colleagues and stakeholders!



Austrian presidential election postponement - September 2016


Press Release on the decision to use envelopes again after failure of alternative device.

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