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FEPE – Federation for envelopes and for light and ecommerce packaging in Europe

Adapting to a changing world

FEPE was set up in 1957. Historically, FEPE was the Federation of Envelope Producers in Europe, representing a thriving industry. Our mission has always been to support, defend and promote the envelope industry in Europe. But we live in a different world today, where information is shared digitally whenever possible. These days, almost nobody starts the day by opening a big stack of envelopes!

So, while envelopes remain at the heart of what we do, FEPE’s focus has expanded. We continue in our original mission while embracing the changes in our world and in the industry.

A reinvented industry with a strong future

The volume of envelope manufacturing has halved in the last decade. As one business declines, others take its place: paper increasingly replaces plastics, ecommerce deliveries are soaring, direct mailing is being transformed. The envelopes and paper sector has seen mergers and closures, but it has also seen a wave of innovation and the creation of new businesses.

Envelopes are still the focus of FEPE activities, but we are increasingly serving the interests of members and shareholders who are working in the sectors of, for example, ecommerce packaging, paper bags, bread bags, labels and other paper-based light packaging products.

Today, FEPE serves the envelopes sector – and much more

We are a proactive, forward-thinking partner that defends our members’ interests and helps them achieve their business goals, by providing relevant and useful services and information.

As their business changes, so too do our activities.

Viktor Kovacic, FEPE Managing Director

FEPE People



Jean de Couëspel
GPV International A/S

Vice President

Maja Menard Cedilnik



Yves Peiffer


Nicolas Baudart
La Couronne

Patrick Machiels
Kaenguruh Kuvert

Stanislav Menard
Nova Kuverta d.o.o.

Ignacio Reiris
Printeos S.A.

Thomas Schwarz
Mayer Kuvert-Network

Kai Steigleder
Bong Group

Bastian Steinmetz
Steinmetz Briefumschläge GmbH & Co. KG

John Zöllin
Elco AG


Managing Director

Viktor Kovacic

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FEPE German Office

Udo Karpowitz

Communications Specialist 

Lorena Madalina Aluas