FEPE Membership

For access to the FEPE extranet (FEPE members only) please contact: secretariat@fepe.org.

For access to the FEPE Members pages on this website, please contact: secretariat@fepe.org.

Member companies

FEPE is the only European organisation dedicated to supporting the envelope business and related industries. Our sole purpose is to promote and defend our members’ interests.

FEPE membership includes and is open to a wide range of businesses based in Europe. We welcome enquiries from prospective new members. Contact FEPE.

  • Envelope manufacturers
  • Overprinters
  • Inserters/Fulfilment
  • Mail houses
  • Suppliers
  • Paper converters
  • Other companies in the flexible paper packaging, mailing and delivery ecosystem

Join us!

We are currently in the process of redefining and widening our membership categories. For now, FEPE has three membership categories:

  • Full Members: European envelope manufacturers
  • Associate Members: companies supplying raw materials or machinery to the envelope manufacturing industry
  • International Members: envelope manufacturers that are not based in Europe, but have an interest in the European industry

To find out if your company is eligible for FEPE membership, please complete our contact form or write to us at:

FEPE, Avenue Louise 250 Box 81, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

We look forward to hearing from you!

FEPE Members