FEPE Activities

What we do

FEPE’s membership activities include: curating and sharing relevant information, lobbying, industry promotion, advisory services, meetings and networking opportunities. We attend industry-related events across Europe to represent our members and their interests.

Our members have full and free access to our research, statistical analyses and documentation.

FEPE also serves as a source of information about the sector for the general public and interested stakeholders.

All of our activities are aimed at helping our members, their partners companies and suppliers to:

  • improve the production and distribution of their products
  • promote technical and economic progress
  • promote fair competition

… for the benefit of these companies, their customers and consumers.


  • Research and documentation of relevant consumer, business and legislative trends
  • Awareness-building and lobbying to ensure a favourable regulatory framework
  • Gathering and documenting information on relevant regulatory changes, EU policies and laws: e.g. data protection, postal affairs, environmental and forestry issues, e-invoicing, etc.
  • Contributing to the establishment of relevant standards: e.g. the EU Ecolabel for paper envelopes.
  • Running and contributing to awareness campaigns to promote the use of envelopes and fight misperceptions related to envelopes, mail and paper.

Industry research, studies and reports

FEPE organises, participates in or contributes to research activities such as gathering statistics and market information, and tracking trends.

The purpose of such research is to help members and other professional stakeholders understand their business environment and strategically plan their future. See: Industry Info and FEPE Policy Areas

Lobbying and advocating

FEPE is the voice of the industries it represents, at EU level. We keep our members informed about changes affecting them, and advocate on behalf of our members in the face of changing business practices and legislation.

See: Legislation and  FEPE Policy Areas


Promotion and campaigns

FEPE organises, participates in or contributes to campaigns and information materials to promote our members’ business, often in close cooperation with other organisations. See:  FEPE Policy Areas

News & Events

FEPE publishes a biweekly newsletter digest of news related to our sector and a quarterly magazine. We organise regular meetings of our Marketing Committee and an Annual Congress. See: News & Events